Vehicle insurance policies firms trapped taxpayers with billions in health care costs

A multibillion-dollar whistleblower lawsuit from 315 car insurance providers who are accused of sticking taxpayers with billions in health and fitness treatment charges was unsealed Friday in Detroit. 

At difficulty are health care prices that are picked up by Medicare and Medicaid following a motorist gets in an incident. By law, the suit alleges, insurance providers are intended to reimburse the government for those clinical expenditures.

But too typically, the fit alleges, insurance companies don’t pay anything, forcing taxpayers to address the expenses that they’re meant to pay.

“It truly is enormous, large — and all the coverage organizations do it,” stated Troy lawyer Shereef Akeel, a person of many lawyers performing on the lawsuit, which was submitted under seal two many years ago on behalf of the U.S. government and many states, such as Michigan.