Treadmill Acting Up? Ask the Treadmill Doctor

Treadmill Acting Up?  Ask the Treadmill Doctor

The Treadmill Doctor is a guide to fixing common treadmill problems so you can keep both your machine and yourself running.

So, your treadmill’s not running just the way it’s supposed to. Before you lug that heavy thing back to the shop and start negotiating for a refund, let’s talk to the treadmill doctor. This quick troubleshooting guide should help you solve some of your simple treadmill problems without having to drag it back.

The Treadmill Doctor is a site which was established by Jon and Clark Stevenson in 1998, and you can use it to ask questions about any problems which are affecting your treadmill at no charge. The Treadmill Doctor offers volumes of information about all sorts of treadmill topics, and because it on the Internet. The Treadmill Doctor also offers offline treadmill repair services, so you can spare yourself that return trip to the treadmill retailer if any of their technicians is in your area.

Treadmill Doctor Solutions

Here are some sample Treadmill Doctor solutions to problems which have been presented on their website:

* If your treadmill is losing speed as soon as you step on it to begin your workout, or shortly thereafter, and speeds up again once you step off it, Treadmill Doctor says it’s time to check the belt. Perhaps all it needs is a good cleaning and lubrication, which you can provide with lubricant and cleaning cloths from the treadmill store.

If your treadmill belt looks worn and frayed, however, Treadmill Doctor advises that you study your owner’s manual instructions on replacing it. You’ll have to remove a portion of the surface deck to get to the belt, but replacing the belt is not difficult. The only warning is that you shouldn’t resort to cutting the belt off, because you need to know how it was put on so you can install its replacement correctly.

* If you treadmill simply refuses to start, making a half-hearted effort and then dying completely, treadmill doctor says to look for a dust accumulation. You can clean the innards of your treadmill by removing its deck hood, and you should probably do this periodically even if you aren’t having any problems. Once again you can turn to the owner’s manual for instructions on how to remove the deck hood, and while you are cleaning, take the opportunity to check the belt for lubrication.

Treadmill Doctor’s Thoughts On Warranties

The Treadmill Doctor offers solutions for everything which can possibly go wrong with your treadmill, but recommends that you should pay the extra fee for an extended warranty when you buy a treadmill. Most treadmills are backed with at least a ninety day warranty, but that’s not much, and by paying a nominal extra fee, you’ll be protected if anything goes wrong!