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  • Indeed, you can consider way too much vitamin D, which leads to vitamin D toxicity. 
  • Indications you had way too substantially vitamin D involve vomiting, weakness, and nausea. 
  • To treat vitamin D toxicity, end taking vitamin D dietary supplements or consuming vitamin d-rich meals.
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Vitamin D
toxicity, also recognized as hypervitaminosis D, is a exceptional situation that occurs when a man or woman has consumed far too a lot vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is a nutrient that assists the human body take in and control calcium in the blood. So when a man or woman has much too a lot, it can guide to dangerously large degrees of blood calcium, a issue known as hypercalcemia.

Vitamin D toxicity is uncommon and may generally go unrecognized, in accordance to Catharine Ross, a professor of nutrition and physiology and head of Dietary Sciences at Pennsylvania Condition College. Here’s how to place vitamin D toxicity and what to do about it.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Signs or symptoms of vitamin D toxicity are right connected to excess calcium in the blood, which can bring about nausea, vomiting, loss of urge for food, repeated urination, weak point, and bone ache.

Around time, the added calcium can kind deposits in the arteries and comfortable tissue as a substitute of in the bones. In the long run, this can trigger kidney stones and may possibly add to coronary heart harm

“This is the big effect of acute vitamin D toxicity, and it may possibly be happening gradually in people today using large vitamin D for several years,” states Paul Selling price, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biology at University of California San Diego.

To diagnose vitamin D toxicity, a physician will administer a blood take a look at that will demonstrate how a great deal calcium is in the blood. If a human being has vitamin D toxicity, then calcium amounts will be abnormally large.

Ross notes that using constantly large ranges of vitamin D more than lengthy periods of time may possibly not result in evident toxicity in the shorter term, but might contribute to a larger risk of frequent indicators further down the line. 


If a particular person displays signals of vitamin D toxicity, the to start with stage towards treating it is to promptly quit getting any and all vitamin D and calcium health supplements, as perfectly as reducing consumption of meals wealthy in vitamin D like salmon and cod liver oil.

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Physicians may well also administer drugs to enable the overall body metabolize fewer vitamin D and go much more calcium. 

You may possibly also be prescribed bone resorption inhibitors. These drugs are commonly used to treat osteoporosis mainly because they prevent the launch of calcium into the bloodstream. Even so, Price’s investigation has proven that bone resorption inhibitors might also avert acute episodes of vitamin D toxicity.

These inhibitors, he claims, could be useful to stop calcification of delicate tissue in patients who, for health explanations, can not lower their consumption of vitamin D.

For most folks, though, the answer will be to only stop your health supplements, which will permit your system to procedure the excessive calcium and, in excess of weeks or months, return to standard.

Day by day recommended value 

Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps your body absorb and control calcium. Hence,  it performs an important role in encouraging you mature and retain bone tissue all over existence.

Our bodies get vitamin D in two techniques: by way of solar exposure and from sure food items. How a great deal you need relies upon on your age, in accordance to the Countrywide Institutes of Well being. For case in point, grownups require less than individuals about 70, who deliver significantly less vitamin D by way of their skin. 

The National Institutes of Health and fitness propose that most older people need to have 600 intercontinental units (IU) just about every working day to deal with their fundamental requirements for bone health and fitness. However, for general health and fitness, it is best to get somewhere amongst 600 IU to 4,000 IU per working day. 

recommended daily amount of vitamin D

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Fish is a good way to address your bases, while vegans and vegetarians can seem to almond milk and mushrooms. 3 ounces of fatty fish, like salmon, or a cup of portobello mushrooms will get care of your each day vitamin D requires.

Ross claims that if you occasionally take in the greatest proposed amount — 4,000 IU — it would not damage you. But if you are continually achieving or exceeding this limit for months or several years on-stop, that is when it may well guide to indications of toxicity. 


Ross says that the vitamin D your skin makes by means of sunshine exposure is really hard to quantify but in common, it truly is supplements — not sunlight — that strategies the scales in direction of toxicity. 

If you get a extreme sunburn, for illustration, you really should be a lot more involved about skin damage than vitamin D toxicity. Also, vitamin D deficiency is additional of a concern than toxicity. 

This is specifically accurate for small children, who can establish rickets if they are vitamin D-deficient, leading to smooth and badly produced bones. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests nutritional supplements for infants who are breast-feeding, or not acquiring sufficient vitamin D through method.

Finally, based on your age, your life style, and other factors, your medical doctor will tell you whether or not you should really take into account a dietary supplement.

Vitamin D supplementation on the rise 

Involving 2006 and 2014, the amount of people today using above 4,000 IUs daily rose from less than .5% to above 3%. That was according to a 2017 study in the Journal of American Drugs, which pulled details from 39,000 contributors in the National Well being and Nutrition Examination Study.

The examine also discovered that about the exact time period, individuals using more than 1,000 IUs for every working day jumped from less than 1% to about 18%. This sum is not regarded to result in rapid health challenges, but the findings reveal that much more men and women than at any time are trying to get out more vitamin D and might be at hazard of overdoing it.

This does not imply that no just one ought to consider a vitamin D health supplement. Other than infants and those people above 70 who possible require dietary supplements, folks really should get their blood degrees checked routinely to determine if nutritional supplements are suggested. 

Insider’s takeaway 

If you decide you might be interested in taking a vitamin D dietary supplement, read the label, invest in from a respected brand name, and verify to make certain that the products has been 3rd-social gathering analyzed for security and efficiency. Health supplements are only loosely regulated by the Meals and Drug Administration. 

“There are purified vitamin D3 health supplements on the current market at 10,000 IU for every capsule,” Ross suggests, “so some manufacturers are, knowingly, not participating in safe with the community.” Yet again, it is inadvisable to consider more than 4,000 IU for every working day for long periods of time.

She adds that the several scientific tests accomplished on consumption levels this higher had been limited-phrase, lasting less than a 12 months, so the consequence of using 10,000 IU above a long time is unidentified. But, as with a lot of things in lifetime, consuming anything at all to surplus is in all probability not a good notion for your extensive-time period overall health.

Vitamin D investigate has obtained a ton of notice in current a long time, and many opportunity advantages are emerging. Health supplements are not always off the table but do not go in contemplating extra is much better — unless you really like kidney stones.