Fitbit Luxe v Fitbit Encourage 2: pick your excellent tracker

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If you want a Fitbit, but you really don’t want a smartwatch, you do nonetheless have selections. The Fitbit Inspire 2 is the most inexpensive physical fitness tracker you can buy directly from the now Google-owned wearable maker. It really is now been joined by the Luxe, another slim tracker that gives a blend of health, wellness and smartwatch features.&#13

We’ve spent a lot of screening time with the Encourage 2 and we are now placing the Luxe by way of its paces as well, so if you happen to be questioning what the key major discrepancies are between these two Fitbit fitness trackers, we just may well be ready to support.&#13

Wareable verdict: Fitbit Inspire 2 in-depth evaluation

If you’re contemplating about no matter if you have to have to make an upgrade or you are getting a tracker for the very first time, here is how the Fitbit Luxe matches up to the Fitbit Inspire 2.&#13

Fitbit Luxe v Fitbit Inspire 2: Pricing

Prior to obtaining into these all essential specs and features, let’s talk about that pricing. As described, the Encourage 2 is the most affordable of the two trackers and will come in at $99.&#13

The Fitbit Luxe is priced at $149.95, so that’s really a sizeable value big difference in between the two gadgets.&#13

The dilemma is, what does shelling out much more or a lot less basically get you? That is what we are going to get into following.&#13

Fitbit Luxe v Fitbit Inspire 2: Design and style and display

Fitbit Luxe

We’ll start off with the superior information that if you want a Fitbit that sits slim and gentle on your wrist, then you might be in luck with both of those of these trackers.&#13

Both are made available with little and big bands and if you want the a single that sits smallest on that wrist, then the Luxe just about edges it with its 36mm physique just a bit lesser than the 37mm a single highlighted on the Inspire 2.&#13

In the long run while, equally are on the petite facet, and are nice options if you want one thing that goes about its tracking small business in a sleek and small method.&#13

In which points start to adjust however are in the supplies and the screens in use right here. With the Encourage 2, you’re acquiring a detachable silicone band and a plastic case. That circumstance will come with the selection of black, white or rose shade bands.&#13

One particular benefit the Encourage 2 has around the Luxe is putting on selections. You also have the possibility of a clip accessory (pictured down below) that allows you have on it on your waistband or beneath your dresses, so it is firmly out of sight.&#13

Fitbit Inspire 2 with clip-on accessory

Fitbit Inspire 2 with clip-on accessory

With the Luxe, you are paying out the added revenue for a stainless steel circumstance and there are optional bands aplenty – just like the Inspire 2.&#13

That contains a exclusive version Luxe that arrives with a gold stainless steel bracelet to give it that additional desirable, trendy glimpse. The normal version will come with a detachable common silicone band with a metallic buckle as opposed to the plastic a person on the Inspire 2.&#13

Circumstance products aside, the Luxe is offering you something much more spectacular in the screen division.&#13

It really is the initially Fitbit fitness tracker to aspect an AMOLED shade touchscreen display, which experienced previously only been accessible on Fitbit’s Versa, Sense and Ionic smartwatches.&#13

That monitor routinely adjusts dependent on obtainable mild in your ecosystem. Together with that extra vibrancy and splash of coloration, it does give you a minimal bit of further display estate over the Inspire 2 to avoid stats and other information sensation so cramped.

The Inspire 2 makes use of a greyscale display that we are not able to say is our favourite screen technological innovation we’ve observed on a fitness tracker.&#13

Whilst its existence obviously can help to improve battery efficiency, it nonetheless struggles in bright daylight like the initially Inspire. That’s even with the addition of a new bright display method. It’s properly suited for indoor viewing, but the Luxe will get you a greater display encounter all round.&#13

In terms of interacting with these products, they are both technically buttonless, even though the Encourage 2’s circumstance can be squeezed to wake up the exhibit or skip again a monitor. Interactions with Luxe lie with faucets to wake up the screen and swipes to get through screens. Both options suggest Fitbit can supply a a lot more streamlined appear that make them a good deal nicer to search and slimmer than a large amount of health and fitness bands.&#13

Fitbit Luxe Special Edition

Fitbit Luxe Specific Edition

If you want to go swimming or jumping in the shower with these trackers, both equally have been slapped with a 5ATM drinking water resistant ranking permitting you submerge them in drinking water up to 50 metres depth. So they are risk-free to don in all those scenarios.&#13

Both of those trackers are slim, light-weight and at ease to don working day and night. They keep put many thanks to secure buckles and clasps and we have had no pores and skin irritation issues with possibly. With the Luxe, you get what you spend for. Nicer situation resources a nicer display screen and a good deal of band options. You get these band solutions with the Inspire 2 as nicely and you do have that possibility to have on it absent from the wrist much too.&#13

Fitbit Luxe v Fitbit Encourage 2: Exercise and health and fitness tracking

Fitbit Luxe white and black

Fitbit Luxe

We’ll discuss sensors very first, which powers what the Luxe and Encourage 2 can monitor.&#13

Both of those have the typical 3-axis accelerometer motion sensor to observe matters like steps and can also keep track of activities like swimming.&#13

You’re also finding optical heart fee monitors to repeatedly monitor heart charge including slumber. It can be also there for monitoring coronary heart fee during training.&#13

There is just one supplemental sensor you are finding on the Luxe and that is the purple and infrared sensors to enable SpO2 measurements, particularly for checking blood oxygen all through sleep.&#13

What you really don’t get below on either unit is built-in GPS or an altimeter to evaluate floors climbed/elevation. You do have the choice of linked GPS on both equally, permitting you make use of your phone’s GPS sign to a lot more correctly monitor out of doors activities like runs.&#13

For people main fitness tracking attributes, the two will track steps, distance and calories. They’ll fire out inactivity alerts, when you have not been going plenty of through the working day and you will routinely watch slumber as well.&#13

The Encourage 2 presents you a breakdown of snooze stages such as REM and a snooze rating. Supplemental knowledge is on offer like sleep heart level and restlessness, but you will need to subscribe to Fitbit High quality to entry all those insights.&#13

On the Luxe, you might be getting the identical albeit with that additional SpO2 checking assist, you have the skill to keep an eye on far more metrics for the duration of sleep. Yet again, to get entry to all of the insights Fitbit will make readily available, you can expect to want be signed up to High quality to access them.&#13

Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2

If you want to keep track of workout from them, you might be receiving 20+ goal-centered training modes and that features the likes of functioning, biking, going for walks and basic pool swim monitoring way too.&#13

With that heart amount check on board, you happen to be having the ability to track Energetic Zone Minutes, report Cardio Fitness amounts and view depth maps in the Fitbit application. This allows you speedily see sections of your route exactly where you actually got that heart functioning difficult.&#13

We failed to have the ideal knowledge making use of ‘connected GPS’ on the Inspire 2, which signifies piggy-backing GPS sign from your smartphone. That frequently implies your smartphone is put somewhere with bad sign, which can make for unpredictable precision issues. Created-in GPS is considerably much more reliable for runners and cyclists.&#13

Though coronary heart fee felt far more responsible for resting and steady heart amount monitoring. It can be a quite similar tale for the Luxe as properly primarily based on our tests. Whilst these trackers can the two keep track of exercise, their strengths lie in each day activity monitoring, slumber monitoring and how that physical exercise contributes to your general activity for the working day.&#13

Flipping about to health and fitness monitoring, and these trackers offer mainly the similar features. Equally make a large force with monitoring anxiety, nevertheless most of individuals capabilities are living off the bands. Both equally offer you guided respiration routines on the equipment and then in the app, you have the skill to generate strain measurement scores that are based mostly on physical signals of strain. So that is produced from resting coronary heart fee, rest and activity logged.&#13

You can also discover the identical women’s health tracking and food logging attributes within of Fitbit’s companion application also for both of those devices.&#13

They’re fairly stage pegged as considerably as delivering these main Fitbit tracking features. The Luxe will give that added strike of blood oxygen details and characteristics like coronary heart level zones along with a nicer display to look at stats, specifically during the training.&#13

Fitbit Luxe v Fitbit Encourage 2: Smartwatch characteristics

Fitbit Luxe v Fitbit Inspire 2: Battle of the skinny fitness trackers

Fitbit Luxe

We’ll get started by expressing that both of these trackers operate with Android telephones and iPhones and the encounter using them with individuals telephones is largely the exact. While neither provides you the whole gamut of smartwatch capabilities Fitbit at the moment presents.&#13

On the Inspire 2, you’re having the decision of 20 clock faces and the skill to look at notifications from native and 3rd occasion apps. Though you have a tiny display, individuals notifications are well optimised. You might be also getting the new Tile integration Fitbit recently announced, which can make it less difficult to monitor your tracker down from your phone when you won’t be able to don’t forget in which you very last took it off.&#13

With the Luxe, you might be also obtaining notification assist, but that colour exhibit will make it less difficult to show off additional information and facts together with app icons to clearly signal wherever the notification has occur from. There is certainly also some level of staying in a position to answer to notifications, when paired to an Android phone. So emails can be archived or WhatsApp messages can be responded to with emojis.&#13

Past that, you might be not obtaining entry to Fitbit Pay out, third occasion applications or any kind of tunes capabilities such as tunes controls. You are residing a significantly extra primitive smartwatch daily life, but which is barely shocking supplied the sizing of the Luxe and Inspire 2.&#13

Fitbit Luxe v Fitbit Inspire 2: Battery daily life

If you want the ideal battery life, base line, the Encourage 2 is the 1 you want. It gives up to 10 days of battery lifetime and as long as you might be conservative with athletics monitoring and screen brightness, you can expect to get it.&#13

The Luxe provides up to 5 days and we’ve located it can produce that, even with that substantial resolution screen in put. It could almost certainly extend to a couple a lot more days depending again on what characteristics are routinely in use. These two trackers are fantastic for close to a 7 days, with the Inspire 2 stretching even more.&#13

When it will come to charging up, both use various proprietary chargers and choose the exact same two hours to get from -100%. so neither are zippy chargers and lack the swift charging tech applied on Fitbit’s Versa 3 and Perception smartwatches.&#13


So, do you go Fitbit Encourage 2 or Fitbit Luxe? For us, there some clear matters that separate the two trackers and here’s how we see it:&#13

Acquire the Fitbit Inspire 2 if… you want the greatest battery existence accessible on a Fitbit and you want some thing to cover the conditioning tracking fundamental principles. It can be also definitely relaxed to track sleep much too.&#13

Purchase the Fitbit Luxe if... you want a excellent-seeking fitness tracker with a bigger high quality exhibit, creating it a nicer place to perspective stats and phone notifications. It also features more than enough battery lifestyle to get you via a week of tracking.&#13