EFSA Panel procedures on trio of supplement components

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The Authority’s Panel on Diet, Novel Meals and Foodstuff Allergens (NDA) concluded that cetylated fatty acids (CFAs), an component used for joint overall health, is protected at an intake of 1.6 grams (g) for each working day for older people.

Discussing its reasoning in the EFSA journal, ​the NDA stated the Novel Food items (NF), a mixture of cetylated fatty acids (about 83%) produced from cetyl alcoholic beverages, myristic acid and oleic acid, of which there was no historic data.

‘No heritage of use outside the house EU’

To address prospective subchronic toxicity, the applicant provided a 90-working day analyze with rats, where the Panel viewed as no observed adverse effect concentrations (NOAELs) at 4,500 milligrams for every kilogram physique excess weight (mg/kg bw) for every day – the highest dose analyzed.

“By making use of the default uncertainty aspect of 200 and thinking about a default human body fat of 70 kg for the adult goal inhabitants, this would end result in an consumption of 1.6 g per day, which is lower than the optimum consumption proposed by the applicant (2.1 g per working day),”​ the viewpoint said.

The applicant, PharmaNutra, an Italian firm specialising in nutritional health supplements and health-related products, mentioned the NF experienced no heritage of use outdoors of the EU, but a equivalent component ‘cetyl myristoleate intricate (CMC)’ had been authorised by the Korean Foods and Drug Administration in 2009.

In its 2010 view on a further NF application for cetylated fatty acids, the Panel noted the NF was developed and offered in portions in excess of 10kg in the US amongst 1996-2008 with no adverse outcomes described.


At the start of the month, the NDA ruled the NF, calcium fructoborate, was risk-free for the grownup population, excluding expecting and lactating ladies, at levels up to 220 mg/day (3.14 mg/kg bw per working day).